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Shermeen PPE Student

"Through Religious Studies, I learned to build and interrogate arguments and how to question and evaluate narratives"

My Future. My Story

19 year old Shermeen is a 2nd year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at Warwick University. She loves this stage of her education; her first taste of independence; the informality of university study; and making friends from around the world.

It’s hard to believe that astute, driven and self possessed Shermeen was shy growing up. She disliked speaking up in class but through her academic pursuits she really began to come out of her shell.

One of Shermeen’s favourite subjects at school was Religious Studies. She took it at GCSE and A Level as she was really interested in learning more about religion and loved the myth busting element of the syllabus.

“I enjoyed my time studying RS and it’s been invaluable as a tool! Though Religious Studies, I learned to build and interrogate arguments and how to question and evaluate narratives and theories”.

Shermeen always knew that she wanted to go to University but struggled with what degree to pick. Shermeen’s time studying Religious Studies led her to become fascinated with philosophy and she discovered PPE as a result. She was impressed by the academic heft the course would demand and where it could take her career wise.

Shermeen loves studying something that is led by conversation, debate and ideas. She feels lucky to have studied RS because not only does the content overlap with her current field of study but she feels that she has gained an analytical edge through her study at GCSE and A Level.

Shermeen wants to use what she has studied at school and university to change the world. She enjoyed learning about religions and she wants to use this knowledge to help build a more tolerant and accepting society. She aspires to work in the third sector, ideally for a top charity.

“Religion is often the layers in which people view the world, having a background in Religious Studies has been invaluable at university and in life in general’

"Studying RE helps me understand how religious beliefs affect different countries"

- Ollie. Sports Reporter

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