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Sena Law Student

"RE provides an excellent platform for debate, which is a key skill that has helped me study law"

My Future. My Story

Learning to debate, even making the case for a point of view that you disagree with, is one of the many invaluable skills that a GCSE or A level in RE will offer you. You’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures, gain a deeper understanding of the world and learn how to consider different perspectives. Meet Sena, a law student at Oxford Brookes, who believes studying RE gave her the skills needed to succeed in her degree.

18 year old Sena is a first year law student at Oxford Brookes University. She’s enjoying every minute of her new life. She loves the lectures and seminars, the independence it gives her and spending time with the new friends she has recently made.

Nine years ago, it didn’t even cross Sena’s mind that she would one day be studying law at university. She had just arrived in England with her family from Turkey. Unable to speak English, her only dreams were to be able to communicate with people and to make friends.

After joining her school late and not being able to speak fluent English, Sena was quite shy. One of her favourite lessons was RE because her teacher and her classmates asked her questions about her muslim faith. She was one of the few people in her class who was not originally from England, or a Christian or aethiest. RE lessons were her “time to shine.”

Studying RE at school has helped Sena in so many other ways. It taught her to think about both sides of an argument before arguing for or against a viewpoint. She found it particularly interesting and helpful to learn to argue against her own beliefs. It taught her to think about other perspectives – to think about the counterargument – so she can argue well, articulately and concisely.

These are skills she uses every day studying law: “To be like a successful lawyer, barrister or solicitor, you have to know what you are arguing, but more importantly you have to think about the arguments that will be used against you. That’s what makes someone successful in law.”

Sena is the first person in her family to go to university. She feels really proud of what she’s achieved – especially as her parents are so proud of her.

"Through Religious Studies, I learned to build and interrogate arguments and how to question and evaluate narratives"

- Shermeen. PPE Student

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