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Ollie Sports Reporter

"Studying RE helps me understand how religious beliefs affect different countries"

My Career. My Story

Ollie was born into an extremely active and sports-mad family, which is where his passion for all things sport began.

Since a very early age, Ollie has wanted to work in sports reporting. Throughout his childhood, he was lucky enough to go to sporting events with his family and found he had a natural ability to remember every piece of information (both relevant and irrelevant) about players on the field. He remembers leaving one man stunned at an Ipswich football game as he recited the names of all 11 players, what boots they were wearing, and how many goals each had ever scored. Since then, a future in sport and media didn’t seem like a daft career path to follow – and he hasn’t looked back.

Aged twenty five, he’s been in the industry for about four years and loves it. He particularly enjoys the fact he gets to travel the world and talk about something he feels passionately about.

Ollie’s job has taken him to some of the world’s biggest sporting events including the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Euro 2016, and Super Bowl. He’s been to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, USA, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, and France.

Growing up, Ollie didn’t realise RE would be useful for a career in the sports media. It’s only now that he realises that it’s taught him the softer, personal skills that helps him every day at work and when he’s abroad.

Each country he goes to, he meets and interviews people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures. Studying RE at school has helped him understand the people he meets and how different religions impact their views and different cultures.

Like many young (and older) people, Ollie doesn’t know exactly what his ultimate dream is…perhaps a pro golfer or a sports presenter on a channel like Sky. His mantra though is, as the old saying goes – do something you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Twitter: @olliegs64

"Studying RE gave me a good understanding of different religions and cultures, making me a better firefighter"

- Mo. Firefighter

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