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Mo - Firefighter - MY FUTURE. MY CAREER. MY RE
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Mo Firefighter

"Studying RE gave me a good understanding of different religions and cultures, making me a better firefighter"

My Career. My Story

Considering studying religious education at GCSE? There are so many ways that a qualification in RE will benefit your future career and open unexpected opportunities. Studying RE can help give you more empathy towards people by giving you a clearer understanding of different world views and cultures. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s the story of Mo, a firefighter from East London, who explains how studying RE helps him in his exciting career.

Thirty-five-year old Mo has wanted to be a fire fighter ever since he was teenager – after the fire service was called to his own home and he thought the fire fighters were heroic.

After a stint in the British Armed Forces, Mo’s dream of becoming a fire fighter came true when he was accepted into the fire service at twenty-five years old. He’s now been a fire fighter for ten years and is stationed in Wennington, East London.

Being a fire fighter is Mo’s dream job. He loves it because every day is different. On one day he can be called to put out a fire, the next he can be attending a road accident, another he could be giving a fire safety talk in schools.

Mo believes that one of the many things that make him good at his job is because he studied religious education at school. When he enters homes – of any faith or none – Mo can quickly understand “where they are coming from”. This is essential in order to help people who are in a crisis.  “I know their religious heritage so I can respect their customs and know what’s important to them. This allows me to communicate with them quickly and give them the help they need”

Ultimately, Mo loves his job because he’s meeting and helping people from all walks of life. Naturally Mo is very proud of the work he and his fellow fire fighters do to save lives. It’s something “you just cannot put a price on“

"To understand the world, you need to understand religion. Religion is so intertwined in our history, society and culture"

- Scully. Radio DJ

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