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Lillie - Recipe Developer & Chef - MY FUTURE. MY CAREER. MY RE
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Lillie Recipe Developer

"RE helped me learn to question things. It makes you think about what's right for you and it helps give you a voice"

My Career. My Story

Studying RE offers students experiences and skills that can be applied to so many different career paths.  A GCSE or A level in religious education can benefit your future job choices and the skills you learn can be applied to a wide range of careers.  Take Lillie, a twenty-five year old chef who says studying religious education taught her to weigh up different options in life. This skill helped Lillie find the perfect career choice for her.  Look at Lillie’s story and watch her at work in the video below.

Twenty-five year old Lillie has always been interested in cooking – from her childhood, when she cooked with family friends, through to her university years when she frequently cooked for all nine of her housemates.

But throughout her childhood, Lillie felt there were certain more traditional subjects and career paths she and her peers were encouraged to take. She went to university and then began a career in marketing. But she started to question whether she was really happy in the industry – was this what she wanted to do for the rest of her life? Lillie thought a lot about what career would make her happy and she decided to re-train as a chef.

Lillie believes learning RE at school instilled the confidence and ability to make decisions. It taught her to question things and to understand that not one person or way of life is always right – she could have a voice and an opinion on her own.

She is now a talented chef, recipe developer and entrepreneur. As well as coming up with new recipes every day for a well-known food company, she has just launched a company aimed to give talented amateur chefs a helping hand into the food industry by showcasing their talents through a series of London based supper clubs.

“I think RE has helped me get where I am today. It helped me think about what I want and what’s best for me, rather than going along with what I’ve been told or feel I ‘should’ do”.

Lillie loves her job especially because it’s very creative. “Lots of things can go wrong in the kitchen – that’s part of the magic of it. A lot of my recipes are lucky mistakes. The biggest misconception in cooking is that people think that they have to follow a recipe to a T and that they can’t cook. Anyone can cook, and they should have fun with it. Being a chef takes passion, creativity and hard work. Put your own spin on a recipe and you’ll feel more proud of your creation.”

"Through Religious Studies, I learned to build and interrogate arguments and how to question and evaluate narratives"

- Shermeen. PPE Student

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